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Strategic mobility plan for Brăila municipality
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One of the guiding principles of MKBT (Make Better) regards mobility as an essential ingredient for the quality of life in cities. Thus, we were strongly motivated to undertake the development of the strategic mobility plan for Brăila commissioned by the municipality, where MKBT, alongside its Romanian partners[1], is currently assessing the mobility patterns and drafting a mobility strategy. Brăila, a city with around 200.000 inhabitants in the Eastern part of Romania, located on the Danube – is showcasing some…

Timisoara architecture annual – a_ta, the most important professional event organized by the Timiş branch of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), focused one its themed conferences on how other professions view and interact with architecture. Anamaria Vrabie was invited to be part of the panel which offered different perspectives on the current state of inter-disciplinarity in the field. The conference took place on November 8th 2014 in Timișoara and was an event curated by the a_ta team reflecting the…

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Strategic planning in small communities
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This year our team was engaged in undergoing strategic planning processes with 5 small communities in Romania. The project consisted in offering assistance to 5 town halls to draft local development strategies for a 7-year timespan, helping them better prepare for mobilizing resources during the 2014-2020 EU programming cycle. Working in parallel with the same team in five different communities can be quite consuming but definitely full of insights. Our partner communities ranged from just 2 thou people (Bărbătești, în…