Other professions about architecture

Timisoara architecture annual – a_ta, the most important professional event organized by the Timiş branch of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), focused one its themed conferences on how other professions view and interact with architecture. Anamaria Vrabie was invited to be part of the panel which offered different perspectives on the current state of inter-disciplinarity in the field.

The conference took place on November 8th 2014 in Timișoara and was an event curated by the a_ta team reflecting the pursuit of shaping a “present!” in which architects become process enablers, depending on how they select their operating instruments. Conference podcasts are available here.

Paraphrasing Aldo Rossi, Anamaria spoke about architecture of the city rather than in the city and the efforts to foster this process using economic development principles and the common know-how which now takes the shape of MKBT- Make Better. The relative triumph of the city worldwide, which actually tackles the advantages of agglomeration economies has to constantly be refined and challenged with questions on where and for whom is the change taking place. When such a process occurs, the interaction between architects and other professions (the non-architects) becomes meaningful.

The panel was moderated by Mr. Șerban Țigănaș, President of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR) and welcomed insightful contribution from Mr. Constantin Hostiuc, art critic and Mr. Vintilă Mihăilescu, anthropologist. More on the conference and the a_ta2014 can be found here. The prizes awarded within the a_ta2014 have been announced here.