Excellence prize “Mihai Alexandru”

The excellence prize “Mihai Alexandru” for young researchers in urban planning
The excellence prize “Mihai Alexandru” for young researchers in urban planning
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On the occasion of World Town Planning Day, celebrated on November 8th, the first excellence prize “Mihai Alexandru” for young researchers was awarded to arh. Sebastian Vlad Rusu. We congratulate him wholeheartedly for his outstanding work so far and we hope that this honorary award will also represent an incentive to find in the work of the talented urban planner Mihai Alexandru valuable insights regarding the resignification of centrality in the metropolis.

The Excellence Award dedicated to our colleague Mihai Alexandru is an initiative of the Professional Association of Urban Planners Romania (APUR), due to his premature disappearance in the Colectiv club  fire on October 30th 2015. The award honors both Mihai’s endeavors for the revitalization of APUR during  2014-2015 and his own research on urban issues.

Mihai, as co-founder of MKBT, created vital bridges between disciplines that are concerned with the city, and we were together in the process of enabling within MKBT new modes of action for cities dedicated to people, not masterplans. In MKBT we cannot talk about Mihai without mentioning our late colleague Cătălina Ioniță, also co-founder of the organization, along whom in an almost perfect symbiosis, key tracks of research and analysis were created.

Among the jury members for the award was our colleague, ec. Anamaria Vrabie, along with prof. Dr. Arch. Constantin Enache, urb. Liviu Băileşteanu and urb. Matei Cocheci – Secretary for the jury. More information is available here.

Photo: Mihai Alexandru, Centrality in Iași county (excerpt)