MKBT consists of an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in strategic planning processes, public participation, engineering, architecture, urban planning and local economic development.

Our team combines professional experience, including fieldwork and direct interaction with end beneficiaries, with consistent academic training, both in Romania and abroad. MKBT team members have worked so far with more than 20 local authorities in Romania, as well as with government or international institutions (World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, UN-Habitat).

Marina Neagu
Marina Neagu
urban economist
Mihai Șercăianu
Mihai Șercăianu
Anamaria Vrabie
Anamaria Vrabie
urban economist
Bogdan Suditu
Bogdan Suditu
urban geographer
Ana Maria Țoni
Ana Maria Țoni
urban planner
Core team:
  • Anamaria Vrabie, urban economist [read more ..]

    Anamaria Vrabie is an urban economist and local development professional. She co-founded MKBT in 2014 with the belief that the local development practice needs to reclaim its human scale and relevance in the CEE region. She is also co-founder of Urban INC. Anamaria has over 8 years of experience in strategic planning, experimental methods through culture, SME competitiveness and local economic development. Her work has led to urban development plans, concepts and frameworks for urban regeneration, participatory processes and new funding mechanisms for the cultural sector. She holds a BA from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and an MA in International Affairs as a Fulbright Scholar at The New School New York. She is a member of several international networks, including Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum and BUILD of the German Marshall Fund.

  • Marina Neagu, urban economist [read more ..] 

    Marina Neagu is a development professional specializing in urban economy and local economic development. Her background is in business and economics studies, but she has always been more fascinated by the challenge of managing prosperous cities than businesses. MKBT certainly provides the context to explore both. Marina holds postgraduate degrees in regional development and spatial planning at the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest as well as London School of Economics. During the last seven years, she worked with the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank, as well as private consultancies. In addition to this, her non-profit enthusiast engagement in supporting the research and practice of local economic development in Romania is manifested though her lecturing in urban economy at the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, as well as the work done via the Centre for Innovation in Local Development. 

  • Mihai Șercăianu, urban engineer [read more ..]

     Mihai Șercăianu is a civil engineer and a committed professional for the use of technology in the service of communities. He has over 6 years of experience in GIS and civil engineering and has been involved in several national and international research and development projects. A graduate of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB), he also holds a PhD in the field of civil engineering, his research focusing on GIS platforms for water losses in municipal networks. Mihai also acts as a teaching assistant within UTCB’s Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering, Urban Engineering and Regional Development Specialization and empowers young professionals to explore the real utilitarian aspects of public utility services.

  • Bogdan Suditu, urban geographer[read more ..]

    Bogdan Suditu is a geographer, with the areas of professional interest on territorial governance, housing policies, urban and spatial planning, social and territorial disparities etc. He has a good knowledge of public administration, while 7 years occupying positions in the specialty structures on housing, urban and regional planning from the central government. Does international’s the experience, his PhD being conducted in the University of Bucharest but also in the University of Angers (France) and later, became a diplomat of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration – ENA (France). He has published articles and books on urban and suburban residential mobility in Bucharest, urban sprawl, informal settlements, housing policies and social housing. At the same time, he is an associate professor at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest.

  • Ana Maria Țoni, urban planner[citește mai mult ..]

    Ana-Maria Țoni is an urban planner specialized in Urbanism and Public Policies. She is passionate about participatory urban planning processes and tries to involve the local communities in any discussion or action related to the city. Over the last 4 years, she has been involved in various research, temporary activation and urban planning projects, engaging communities in Romania, Moldova and Sweden. After being involved in projects of public space and community activation, elaborating substantiation studies for urban strategies, designing and supporting urban education workshops, she is currently engaged in building bridges between strategic planning thinking and local, community driven actions.                   

local economic development, urban regeneration 
local economic development, strategic planning, housing
utilities infrastructure, GIS, urban mobility
housing, governance and administrative capacity development 
urban regeneration, participatory processes, urban planning 

In addition to the MKBT core team, we involve in our projects an extensive network of collaborators covering, as areas of interest, community facilitation, planning law, agriculture and rural development, program monitoring and evaluation.


* Co-founders of MKBT include the above partners Mihai Alexandru, Cătălina Ioniță and Alexandru Gotcă. Alexandru Gotcă.

We cherish the memory of our friends and colleagues Mihai and Cătălina, who have lost their lives in the Colectiv fire accident on October 30 2015. It is their dedication and passion that inspires and animates us to further develop MKBT.