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ALERT is a seismic risk mitigation project in Bucharest initiated by MKBT: Make Better and implemented with the Romanian Centre for Innovation in Local Development. ALERT commenced in February 2016 with corporate sponsorship from Telekom Romania.

ALERT is based on an online data crowdsourcing platform for citizens regarding seismic risk buildings in Bucharest, with particular focus on the number, needs and challenges of their inhabitants. The project also aims at engaging experts and targeted residents in debates on the subject. Commentaries and data analysis are published in the project blog  and Facebook page of the project. Discussions and debates with those affected happened so far both through field research and by organizing meetings and one-on-one interviews with tenants, owners, condominium administrators and initiative groups.

The issue of seismic risk in Bucharest is very much ignored, considering the scale and urgency of it. With a population of almost 1.8 million inhabitants and situated at a distance of only 170 km from Vrancea seismic source, Bucharest is considered to be the capital with the highest seismic risk in Europe. In Bucharest there are 354 buildings under class I of seismic risk – so-called “red dot buildings” – in danger of collapsing in an earthquake of high intensity. 183 of these buildings are listed as public danger, according to official data from Bucharest Municipality (09.09.2016).

With the help of volunteers from academia (professors, students) and residents we managed to assess through a questionnaire available online on our platform a number of 126 buildings (representing 2300 housing units). The Alert Survey – updated in December 2016 – indicates the risk magnitude. We have counted so far over 4,200 permanent residents in seismic risk buildings and we expect to exceed the threshold of 12,000 people once we reached all red dot buildings.

Alert project will continue though 2017 to expand the data collection and conduct data processing and risk assement evaluations.

Visit our platform: www.seismic-alert.ro to keep you up to date with our work and progress!