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During Oct-Nov 2015 MKBT conducted an impact assessment for ACCESS PLUS Project, implemented by the Association for Citizen Participation (APPC), with funding from the Human Resources Development Operational Programme (SOP HRD).

As part of this project APPC conducted qualification training as well as counselling for integration into the labor market of people pertaining to vulnerable groups (Roma people, disabled and youth from foster care institutions). The activities which were object to the evaluation took place in the town of Făgăraș and villages in its proximity. However, the ACCESS PLUS Project activities were implemented in parallel in several locations throughout Romania, respectively Botoșani, Siret and Alba Iulia. More information on this project can be accessed on the project website: http://www.acces-plus.eu/.

The evaluation report, elaborated by MKBT, analyzed the impact and effectiveness of measures and interventions targeting project beneficiaries. The assessment was based on field research, focus group discussions with beneficiaries, interviews with team members and reviewing project documents and data.

The evaluation highlighted challenges of working with vulnerable groups and of workforce integration measures. Besides this, the impact assessment was also very insightful with regards to shortcomings of governmental program design and limitations imposed by use of European funds.