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The project of providing assistance to 5 communities (mayoralties of Marghita, Provița de Jos, Independența, Zemeș and Bărbătești) for developing local development strategies for the period 2014-2020 took place from May to December 2014. This project was initiated and funded by OMV Petrom SA, as a corporate social responsibility initiative.

The team was composed of 10 experts, covering all relevant areas of expertise pertaining to a strategic process. At the end of the strategy elaboration phase, coordinated by MKBT, all strategic documents were formally approved through local council decisions.

The implementation was done in partnership with GEA Strategy & Consulting, which continued the assistance to mayoralties by 2017 to identify EU funds that can help to implement the strategies.

The entire process of participatory strategic planning was all the more interesting as the beneficiary municipalities had never passed through such a process before. Some municipalities did own strategy documents, but poorly substantiated on evidence and lacking prior community consultations.

Our approach in this context, was to position this process as an opportunity for learning and raising awareness of the role of a strategy by local elected representatives and citizens. The strategic document itself was designed as a brief presentation material, showcasing the needs and development potential of the communities involved, as well as the development prospects and initiatives assumed by authorities and the community in the coming years. Thus, in our view, elaborating a strategy consists, on the one hand, in a process of bringing together the community to discuss development needs and aspirations and, on the other hand, a document showcasing the community, expressing its identity and potential, and generate predictability for citizens, visitors and investors on its future development prospect. In addition, for each mayoralty benefited from tailored sets of recommendations for implementing and monitoring the strategy.

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