• MKBT: Make Better

    Know-how for urban regeneration and local development

Know-how for urban regeneration and local development
  • Technical assistance and training for urban regeneration processes. Best when the developer, investor or local authority is directly involved // Analysis, city and brown-field potential diagnosis for urban regeneration processes; strategic planning for urban regeneration; Capacity building, know-how transfer and strategic partnership development.

    Portofoliu MKBT: Make Better Cities

  • Local development program design. Best when the local organization intends to scale or test its action at city level // Strategic planning process design for organizations with community impact; Curatorial concepts for incubation programs and exhibitions.

    Portofoliu MKBT: Make Better Communities

  • Advocacy strategy and campaigns. Best when the local organization aims at impacting policy in areas relevant to the local development and urban regeneration // Assessing legislation against the reported challenge; Drafting public policy proposals (draft bills of law); Design and support for advocacy campaigns implementation, including the awareness component.

    Portofoliu MKBT: Make Better Policies