Housing workshop in Făgăraș

Housing Workshop in Făgăraș
Housing Workshop in Făgăraș
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We start the year by looking back at what we have achieved last year and by sketching the main frameworks for this year.

Last year we enthusiastically launched Trust Făgăraș, a platform for action and reflection for the revitalization of Făgăraș Region. In our approach, we intend to work on four main themes, which connect our areas of expertise and interest: (1) Housing (2) Re-activation of abandoned or poorly capitalized areas (3) Social Entrepreneurship and (4 ) Local identity and Tourism, by exploring new ideas of action that can connect people, organizations and local initiatives. You can read more about our approach here.

One of the initiatives organized within the platform Trust Fagaras was The Housing Workshop, organized on 29-30 September 2016 in Făgăraș Municipality, just a few days before the International Day of Housing.

We organized the workshop with representatives and technical department managers of Făgăraș City Hall, but also representatives of civil society, in order to increase the capacity of local public administration, social partners and specialized service providers to identify, prioritize and implement complex measures on housing and urban development in Făgăraș. At the same time, the workshop aimed to bring together local actors relevant for this field in order to boost cooperation between them and to outline areas for future action on the issue.

The workshop was structured in two parts: (1) a field visit to areas of the city that illustrate various sensitive issues related to housing (degraded apartment buildings, management of housing in public ownership, informal habitation areas in marginalized neighborhoods) and (2) a working meeting to analyze the issues documented on the field visit, building on the experience and the existing programs at national level, during which we addressed: the typology of problems (lessons learned from the field visit), the distribution of responsibilities in the area of housing, clarifying terminology regulations, current legislation limits and possible approaches to urban regeneration in degraded neighborhoods and informal living areas, types of actions and responsibilities.

You can read the detailed description of the workshop in Romanian here.

You can explore pictures from the field visit here.