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Reșița is a city in Southwestern Romania which has undergone a severe process of de-industrialization and economic restructuring. Abandoned industrial sites dominate the town whilst the locals, especially youth, move out from Reșița in absence of attractive professional opportunities. Labor force retention is limited, as the town is also affected by outmigration of working age residents to Western European countries. Gradually, the local community has developed a perception of a futureless city, with little economic opportunity and social life, which altogether discourages civic and entrepreneurial initiatives.

In this context, the project implemented by MKBT in partnership with the Municipality of Resita aims to achieve the following objectives:

• Capitalize on local assets, by a better tracking and management of the available real estate stock (of commercial, industrial and residential use), as well as land resources;

• Increasing town attractiveness for current residents, potential new residents, investors and visitors;

• Capacity development of town hall staff to attract investors and support the local businesses environment.

The project runs from November 2016 – July 2017 and will produce the following outputs: city marketing materials (briefs and investor presentations), communication plan, real estate profiling and inventory of brownfield sites, knowledge transfer sessions for the town hall operational team and project fiches to ensure implementation of conclusions arising from this project.

We will gradually publish in the ‘News’ page of our MKBT website the progress and results of our work in Reșița. Meanwhile, feel free to browse a photo album of our field work in Reșița, illustrating the challenges faced by the town.