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‘Capitalizing on derelict spaces for local ecotourism development’ is project addressing the untapped potential of abandoned derelict spaces across ecotourism destinations in Romania. It builds on the premise that supporting revitalization of such assets can generate multiple benefits: catalysing entrepreneurial and cultural activities, heritage preservation, lanscape improvements, local pride and social capital enhancements.

This initiative is supported by the Romanian – American Foundation (RAF) and contributes to the broader program of ‘Development of ecotourism destinations in Romania‘, developed by RAF together with the Partnership Foundation and the Association for Ecotourism in Romania.

As a first phase, we will explore typologies of latent assets across the seven ecotourism destinations supported by RAF: Colinele Transilvaniei, Pădurea Craiului, Țara Hațegului – Retezat, Eco-Maramureș, Țara Dornelor, Ținutul Zimbrilor – Neamț și Țușnad Baths as well as local ideas and initiatives linked to potential new uses and revitalization plans for such spaces. We will seek to understand the current unmet space needs of local communities, so that potential revitalization processes could match these. Project findings will prospect the opportunity of establishing support mechanisms for revitalizating latent assets.
All throughout this project, we will provide knowledge and networking resources to stakeholders across ecotourism destinations involved – or interested to initiate – space revitalizaiton initiatives.