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Open Brownfield Day on Reșița’s industrial site
Open Brownfield Day on Reșița’s industrial site
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On the last Friday of April 2024, we opened the doors of the Mociur-Triaj-Valea Țerovei industrial site, together with the City Hall of Reșița, ADLR – Resita Local Development Agency, the Amateur Filmmaker Museum (Ro: Muzeul Cineastului Amator) and the museum initiative Mociur Industrial Collection (MIC). We aimed to create an opportunity for citizens of all ages to (re)discover the industrial past of this area, as well as its current and future development prospects.

The Mociur-Triaj-Valea Țerovei industrial site is the largest contiguous industrial area of Reșița – over 180ha. Most of the factories in this perimeter have been decommissioned: its foundry, forge, agglomerator, and coke-chemical plant.

The town is undergoing a transformation. The old industries have been replaced by new ones, cleaner, more technologically advanced and connected to new global requirements. And public investments are being implemented or planned, in the perspective of (new) transformations. The vast space once occupied by large factories is giving way to new urban development patterns and directions: new access roads, new residential and commercial development areas, new educational facilities.

The Brownfield Open Day included:

>> meeting with the business community active in the area for presentation and consultation on the area’s development prospects;
>> an exhibition for the general public with archive photographs of the factories that once stood on the site, development prospects and current and planned investments;
>> guided tours;
>> visit to MIC (Mociur Industrial Collection) and demonstration of metal casting;
>> screenings of Sahia short films about the Reșița factories organised by the Museum of Amateur Filmmakers at the Arts and Industry Salon.

We are starting a two year-long process of working side by side with the City of Resita to think up visions and synergies for the urban regeneration of the area. A difficult but exciting process. Complex, but necessary, desirable, viable.

This event is part of the project ReInd-BBG: Reindustrialization following the Brownfield is better than Greenfield Principle, funded by the Interreg Danube Region Programme.